Mentor Highlights


Truth of the matter is…where would ReMend be without our mentors? They volunteer their time and energy, day in and day out. Our mentors put themselves out there by sharing their personal stories in an effort to help patients have a better understanding of their situation and to help cope with the overwhelming changes happening in their lives.

It is with immense gratitude we highlight our mentors not only here but within our hearts. We hope learning a little bit about our mentors encourages and empowers you to reach out.

Gracie Castro.jpg

Meet Gracie~

It has definitely been an experience. I’ve not only Mentored but have also learned the experiences of other dialysis patients and how different each patient’s journey has been. They learn from me but I also learn from them!

Being a Mentor in ReMend has helped me to better myself with the training and assistance from the ReMend staff. Recently, I was asked to represent patients in my clinic by attending their clinic committee meetings.

I’m grateful to REMEND for giving me an opportunity to reach out and mentor other dialysis patients. This is a much needed Program. I started dialysis 22 yrs. ago and I wish REMEND was available back then."

Thank you to all who participate and lead in REMEND.”

Jim Stevens and wife.JPG

Meet Jim~

As part of the beginnings of ReMend, my friend and Mentor; Dennis Bourque’s conviction and passion for paying it forward with respect to helping others with serious kidney diseases was a no-brainer for me.

Fortunate to have two very good friends willing to sacrifice one of their kidneys is a blessing and being a member of ReMend has allowed me to help others to provide needed answers and direction in handling their kidney disease. Being a member of ReMend has been a true blessing in my life.”