What services does reMend offer?

ReMend gives patients the opportunity to speak with someone who has been in their same situation. We do this matching a ReMend mentor to the patient once a registration form has been completed. The patient and mentor then coordinate a time and location to either meet in person, by phone or Skype.

How can i meet with a mentor?

Complete the required information on the Contact page and a ReMend Associate will respond within 48 hours.

how can i become a mentor?

We would love to hear from you! ReMend Mentors are required to complete a background check and a short training course. Click on the Contact page and let us know your level of interest.

does remend offer any additional services?

Yes! If you have questions about financing your dialysis and/or kidney transplant, we have a Certified Transplant Financial Coordinator to answer your questions and mentor you through the process.

do remend mentors speak other languages?

Yes! ReMend Mentors who speak Spanish and Tagalog are available.

where is remend located and is there a cost?

There is no cost for ReMend services. ReMend offices are located in Kearny Mesa but Mentors are able to meet in a public place or if its more convenient, phone, Skype/FaceTime and email is also available.